Proof of Cal Clutterbuck awesomeness

One annoying (and potentially dangerous) consequence of Brendan Shanahan’s iron fist when it comes to suspensions for illegal hits to “vulnerable players” has been the growing number of targets who turn their backs when they sense contact is imminent in hopes of drawing a stronger penalty. (We’ll call this move “the preemptive dive.”) The Ottawa Senators’ Milan Michalek did just that on Monday as the Minnesota Wild’s Cal Clutterbuck approached, and Clutterbuck, once back on the bench, made his frustration known: “Turn your back on me again and I’ll fucking bury you! I’ll fucking bury you!” he yelled. The Ottawa rink was so quiet that his words were picked up with sterling clarity on the TV broadcast. “He seems upset,” the broadcaster noted. I’m totally using that line the next time I get ignored by a bartender.

-Katie Baker, Grantland


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